Talmud: The Real Truth About The Talmud

Talmud: Statement of Purpose
There are many lies circulating the internet about the Jewish Talmud. These allegations are supported by "direct quotations" from the Talmud that are frequently wrong or taken out of context. However, most people lack the scholarly background to verify these claims. Most people have no way of knowing that these accusation are false and malicious. What we are attempting is to demonstrate in detail how these accusations are both wrong and intentionally misleading. We are trying to show to the world the real truth about the Talmud.

Written by Gil Student

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Understanding the Talmud

"Our philosophy asserts that every human being is created in the image of the Lord and the primacy of integrity and honesty in all dealings without exception. I strongly repudiate any assertions in the name of Judaism that do not represent and reflect this philosophy."

- Rabbi Malkiel Kotler, dean of the world-renowned Lakewood Yeshiva, Dec. 16, 2003

Table Of Contents

About The Talmud
The Real Truth About The Talmud: Why does this site exist?
What Is The Talmud?: An explanation of the history and content of the Talmud
Talmud and Bible: Is the Talmud holier than the Bible?
Jewish People: Is Judaism a religion or a race?
To Tell The Truth: Are Jews commanded to lie about the Talmud?
Gentiles In Judaism: Where do gentiles fit into the Jewish world view?
What is a Jew? (Wikipedia entry)

Alleged Racism In The Talmud
Gentiles Are Human: The Talmud does not consider gentiles to be sub-human
Gentiles Are Human 2: The Talmud does not consider gentiles to be animals
Stealing From Gentiles: The Talmud forbids stealing from gentiles
Paying A Gentile's Wages: The Talmud prohibits Jews from withholding a gentile's wages
Tricking Gentiles: The Talmud forbids lying to gentiles
Killing Gentiles: The Talmud prohibits killing gentiles
Various Accusations: Refuting various accusations against the Talmud

Christianity In The Talmud
Jesus In The Talmud: What, if anything, does the Talmud say about Jesus?
The Jesus Narrative: Does the Talmud's narrative of events correspond or differ from the Gospels'? 
Christianity: What does the Talmud have to say about Christianity in general?

Jewish Holidays
Blood Libel: Jews never eat blood
Passover: The Passover Haggadah is not racist
Kol Nidrei: Permission to deceive?

Immorality In The Talmud
The Talmud Does Not Permit Sex With A Three Year Old
Sexual Morality in the Talmud: The Talmud's prudence
Rabbi Eleazar and the Prostitutes: The Full Story

Schindler's List: The source of the disputed quotation
Israel Shahak's Lie: "A Modern Blood Libel" by Rabbi Dr. Immanuel Jakobovits, former Chief Rabbi of the British Empire (Offsite)
"In The Image Of G-d": Gentiles are created in the image of G-d
"Goy": Is it a derogatory term used by Jews about gentiles?
Rabbi Soloveitchik: Refuting the slander against him
Ethics Of The Fathers: The section of the Mishnah dedicated to the favorite ethical sayings of the sages
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